• Let me take you to inner space

    in Ealing Broadway W5


    João +44 7449552101



    Hourly Rates from £60 to 150

  • Online and In-person Tantric Coaching

    Providing an empathic, friendly, non-judgemental and safe space where we can explore tantric practices and move towards freedom, empowerment, healing, nurturing, transformation, pleasure and balance


    Offering a body based spirituality that is more aligned to your own truth


    Supporting you define your outcomes and visions and how to best experience and achieve them, removing any obstacles preventing you to experience true ecstasy and bliss


    Helping you find a suitable pace to move out of your comfort zone and explore new ways of relating and being


    Using listening skills, practical exercises, reflective techniques and suggesting ethical options to support you in your exploration, aims and goal achievement


    Possible areas for exploration:


    • Finding joy in sexuality and life
    • Intimacy with self and others
    • Removing shame, guilt, blocks and conditioning around sexuality
    • Removal of judgements about yourself and others
    • Relaxation, pampering and nurturing when facing day to day issues
    • Nurturing through transition of some major serious life changes
    • Having some “Me” time
    • Experiencing mindful touch
    • Becoming more embodied
    • Tantric tools to treat premature ejaculation or erectile issues
    • Techniques to bring more energy and intimacy into love making and everyday life
    • Exploring fantasy, play and fun within the arena of sexuality, sensuality and spirituality
    • Rituals to meet your needs, goals and aims
    • Holding space and the possibility for clients to explore and open up


    Tantric Virtual Connections

    People from varied backgrounds, experiences, ages and places coming together with open and curious minds and hearts and sharing a willingness to journey within, expand our horizons and live in a more authentic way.





    The experiential elements in these gatherings may include stillness, movement and breathing meditations, verbal expression, dance and self physical touch. The intention is one of aliveness, gentleness, playfulness, respect and inner observation.

    You always have the choice as to whether, and to what degree, you engage in the invitations/exercises.


    Some events are donation-based, clothing optional and all require on-camera participation.


    I will host it via Zoom. Please download and test Zoom beforehand: https://zoom.us

    After registering, you will receive a message containing information about joining the meeting.


    LIVEstreaming gatherings exploring tantric ways to grow


    At present some gatherings are LIVEstreamed and some are in-person following pandemic preventative measures


    They required advanced booking and minimum number of participants to go ahead.

    (All times above are BST London U.K)

    Virtual Connections

    Preparing yourself for an online session:

    • Make sure you have a device that will work well for class. A desk/laptop computer or tablet, ideally with external speakers or wireless earbuds. (If you don’t have external speakers or earbuds, your device’s speakers will work fine, the audio will just be more limited.) 
    • Your device should have a microphone and camera. The built-in ones are fine.
    •  Please make sure to be familiar with the zoom app since we may not have time to go over that technicalities (especially in group gatherings)
    • Download Zoom onto your device. Instructions: https://zoom.us/download 


    • Choose and set up a private space for yourself – somewhere you will feel comfortable moving uninterrupted for our time together. Arrange the space to be calming and welcoming for you. That might mean sweeping, adjusting lighting, creating a small installation (maybe a few precious objects, candles, a bowl of water), draping cloths over distracting items, clearing a space as big as possible to move in. Be mindful of possible obstacles, especially rugs and table corners.
    • Depending on the session you can have certain toys, fetish wear or props at hand. Feel free to be creative.
    • To help create a safe and sacred space for our practice, there will be no admissions past 10-minutes after session start time (mainly for group gatherings). Please plan to stay present and participating for the full session. 
    • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and sweat in or be naked.
    • Have a chair you can sit on straight and a yoga mat or towel for lying down.
    • Have your water bottle filled and available.


    To truly release into your practice, I encourage letting go of computer & phone screens. Turn off your cell phone and computer notifications and close other apps and windows. It’s important for you to see and be seen in community and join the optional Zoom room.


    Please consider the Zoom room as a sacred sharing space.

    Confidentiality, Liability and Trust

    Please play fair and keep any confidentiality by NOT making any screenshots, recordings or by verbally sharing any of the content of personal sharings during any of my offerings online.


    I cannot take any responsibility or be held under any form of liability for what happens in my virtual group gatherings. By attending you acknowledge you are attending of your own volition and anything you choose to share or actions your choose to perform (including all suggested and recommended practices) is of your own free choice and you are solely responsible for your own safety and free choice to take part in anything.

    Please also be aware that even though I make these guidelines, they may be broken and you need to know that none of my online spaces are totally safe or secure other than based on men’s goodwill to play fair and respect each other's privacy.

  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Tantric Massage

    a short demonstration

  • Prepare Yourself

    for a Tantric Massage


    1. Drink plenty of water before your session to avoid slight nausea post session.


    2. Eat a light snack 1 hour before your massage to avoid feeling light headed after your massage due to very low blood sugar levels but not so large as to cause discomfort on the massage table.


    3. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs.


    4. Where possible, avoid painkillers and muscle relaxers so that you are able to fully feel the massage and give uncompromised feedback.


    5. Come as you are: No need to wait for a manicure or wax session. All shapes and sizes are welcome.


    6. Ensure good personal hygiene avoiding any sweat and/or unpleasant smells.


    7. Cover in a sanitary way any wound or verruca/wart in your hand or feet.


    8. Anal douche beforehand, specially if having prostate massage (anal internal stimulation). If in doubt, talk to me:




    1. Usually light or medium pressure are used. However, please tell me if the pressure applied reaches 7 in your pain threshold from 1 to 10 so that we stay within your “comfort zone”.


    2. We will use movement, sound and breath to stimulate your senses.

    You will be invited to pay attention to your breathing and different parts of your body. Engage in these suggestions as much as you want to make the most of your experience


    3. Close your eyes and observe the sensations running throughout your body. This is also a practice similar to meditation which will also help slow down the breath, again enhancing the treatment.


    4. Breathing enhances results because, when you move the breath, you move energy throughout your system. If you hold your breath, energy stops flowing. The best thing you can do when you are faced with any intense sensation during a treatment is to breathe through it. It helps if you can imagine that with every exhalation you are releasing any stagnant or unhealthy energy out of your body.



    5. At any point, if any techniques or exercises are too intense, tell me so that they can be adapted to your present state.


    1. Drink plenty of water since it is a natural immune system booster particularly during flu season.


    2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and processed sugars for some hours afterwards since these substances send a stress signal through your body.


    3. If possible, take a little nap, sleep or get into the resting yoga pose savasana so that everything settles into its new pattern.

  • Workshops

    Different layers approaching bodywork, meditation, eroticism and spirituality


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    Tantric Chakra Massage Day

    4-8 like-minded men gathering to connect, explore and expand as we touch and massage one another, celebrating and honouring our sacred bodies.


    3rd February 2024 – 10am to 6 pm

    Location: Ealing, London, W5

    Contribution: £200

    Although sexual energy may arise during the exercises there are no sexual union during the workshop.


    This event is for THREE 18+ men who are reasonably fit and flexible. You should be able to sit/kneel comfortably on the floor with both hands free for massaging.


    NOTE: This event is not for you if

    • You’re uncomfortable being naked among other men

    • You’re uncomfortable being touched by other men

    • You’re looking for an orgy


    Places must be booked and paid for in advance (an RSVP here does not secure your place... a payment does).


    Please be prompt and punctual as latecomers will not be able to join us.


    We accept there are risks when meeting other people and agree to take a lateral flow test within 24 hours before attending the workshop to minimise potential risks.



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    Online Tantric Meditation

    An opportunity to observe with an open and curious heart and mind what arises as we explore our bodies using tantric ways to connect and expand our awareness.
    Tantra is a spiritual path that celebrates our body as our temple, welcoming its expressions of aliveness, particularly on sexuality.

    I will host it via Zoom. Please download and test Zoom beforehand: https://zoom.us

    Please REGISTER at least 24 hours IN ADVANCE so that we can message each other for further exchanges and login details. Last minute requests may not be able to join us.

    Places must be booked and paid for in advance (an RSVP does not secure your place... only a payment does).

    Have at hand some massage oil, towel and comfortable surface to lie down.

    Tantric Connections

    Clothed Introduction

    Any seeker regardless of their experience with meditation and tantra is welcome.


    Exercises involve moments of stillness, guided meditation, breathing techniques, body movement, pelvic exercises, toning techniques (making sounds), light touching (yourself and others) and so forth.


    Couples are welcome to join us, they can do the pair exercises together if they wish. Also you can come on your own and pair up with other participants. You are encouraged to have an open heart and mind and pair up with as many different men as you can since each person has a different energy and contribution to your own personal journey.


    We will explore the concepts of personal boundaries and consent through gentle touch in a friendly and safe environment.


    P.S. Refunds are only offered if the event is cancelled

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    Sensual Massage

    Erogenous Zones Care

    Learn or develop your massage skills in a friendly and informal environment.

    Feel and share caring touch learning and practicing this sensual style of massage when you will be taking in turns to massage your partner. Varied strokes in highly sensitive areas of the body are used to create an erotic response such as relaxation, thoughts of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm without genital touch. This workshop is very hands-on and ideal for those who are a bit shy or new to bodywork.

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    Lingam Healing

    Penis Massage

    In this workshop the focus is on your masculine energy, your personal power and goals.

    This approach blends energy techniques, breath, movement and sound to encourage personal growth through a pleasurable existence and spread your sexual energy all over the body.


    Nudity and personal intimate touch are included so it is essential that those wishing to join be ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity and an open mind.


    Sexual union is not part of this event.

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    Rosetta Healing

    External Anal Massage

    In this workshop the focus is on your feminine energy. You will be gently guided to let it go, allowing yourself to be and feel what you need to feel at this moment in your life.


    This approach blends energy techniques, breath, movement and sound to encourage a deeper connection with your own body, emotions, feelings and sensations.


    Nudity and personal intimate touch are included so it is essential that those wishing to join be ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity and an open mind.


    Sexual union is not part of this event.

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    Sacred Spot Healing

    Internal Prostate Massage

    This workshop is aimed at more experienced seekers and continues exploring emotions, feelings and life experiences stored in our pelvic area.


    You are invited to develop a deeper relationship with your feminine energy, your vulnerability, your receptivity, observe the sensations that emerge, and just be at the present moment.


    This is an opportunity to release any strong or repressed emotions through the way that works best for you.


    Nudity and VERY personal intimate touch are included so it is essential that those wishing to join be ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity and an open mind.


    Sexual union is not part of this event.

  • FAQ

    Friendly, respectful, safe and naturist

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    Coming soon

    From deep pressure to a more sensitive touch where you need it most.

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    João +44 7449552101 tantricjourney4men@gmail.com

    Hourly Rates vary from £60 to £150

  • Tantric Practitioner

    João +44 7449552101 tantricjourney4men@gmail.com

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     My journey in complementary therapy started 17 years ago and evolved along the years to the realm of Tantra.My background in teaching, talking and complementary therapies allows me to blend different techniques and tailor your session.I love tantra, yoga, dancing, nature, travelling and other practices that promote wellbeing, freedom, authenticity and unconditional love towards oneself and others.

    Tantra has been a big passion in my life since it is very diverse and allows the connection beween sexual energy and spirituality in a path of expansion towards more awareness, freedom, authenticity and unconditional love towards oneself and others.

    I am based in London where I offer private appointments and workshops. Moreover, I facilitate workshops and retreats in other parts of the country as well as abroad.

    +44 7449552101



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  • An opportunity to pause, observe, connect deeper with yourself, one another and what is beyond, expanding within and outwards towards more awareness, freedom, authenticity, integration and empowerment.

    Tantric Connections

    Liberation and Empowerment

    12th - 15 May, 2023

    COVID PROTOCOL: Providing a Lateral Flow Test on Arrival



    In this retreat you will explore ways to:

    Awaken, (re)discover and engage your sexual energy and learn how to flow it through your body

    Intensify and diversify how you have and give pleasure

    Expand your experience of orgasm to something above and beyond multi-orgasmic

    Become a better lover

    Better develop intimacy with others and express your wants, needs and boundaries

    Increase your awareness of your internal psychological processes

    Remove blocks preventing you from moving towards a more fulfilling and authentic life

    Connect and relate to one another more honestly and assertively

    Be more embodied and learn somatically

    Mindful Touch and Massage

    Cleanse, balance and expand energy within, between and beyond your chakras

    Have fun, reconnect and meet other men with a shared passion for expanding their experience of life

  • Deeper, Closer, Higher

    Tantra & Yoga Retreat for Men 18th -24th June 2022

    A retreat is an opportunity to withdraw from the busy and stressful world that most of us inhabit, most of the time. 

    It is also an opportunity to address some of the deeper issues in our lives, to look at ourselves afresh and gain a new perspective on what our lives are about. 

    The beautiful and tranquil surroundings of our venue together with 

    nature, healthy food, a clothing optional environment, wild swimming, woodland walks, communal living, tantra and yoga practices 

    help provide a context for this process of deepening awareness to happen, 

    sharing time, ideas and inspiration with like-minded people.

    Tantra is a rich map of teachings and practices that guide us home to the truth of who we are; beings of love and light. Tantra allows us to recognise, remember and rise to meet our full potential. It teaches us how to open our hearts, to welcome and honour all that we are and how to move into freedom from self-judgement, self-criticism and a lack of self-love. As the light of self-love and self-acceptance shines within us, so can we see it shine in another. And on and on this light grows, illuminating all that come into contact with it. 


    This retreat is for you if:

    You are looking to integrate your sexuality and spirituality and open up to a deepening awareness of who you are

    You love the idea of getting back to nature, feeling the sun on your naked skin, wild swimming, roaming through woodland, stargazing and sharing around the fire pit  

    You want to hang out with like-minded, warm-hearted gay and bi men and experience the joy, connection and healing that arises in community 

    You want to enjoy and celebrate your body through movement, touch and massage 

    You are looking to expand your awareness of what your body, mind and spirit are capable of

    You are ready for an adventure, to take risks, grow beyond your comfort zone and discover new ways of delighting in who you are


    The venue is 1 hr 45 minutes away from Lisbon airport and 3 hrs from Porto airport so we recommend flying to Lisbon.

    We can arrange a minibus to take the group to and from Lisbon airport (about 50 euros each way)

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    Healthy Food

    Vegetarian & Vegan

    The ‘made from scratch’ vegetarian and vegan food is tasty and nutritious and based on fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables. The vegetables, fruits and herbs are either grown in their own organic garden or supplied by local greengrocers.

    The afternoon cake is of course freshly made each day, served with tea infusions, many of which they grew themselves.

    We will be nurturing our bodies in a way to complement and assist in the processes during the group activities.

    Food for thought and growth.


    All participants loved the food last year and we look forward to tasting their master pieces again.

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    boutique furnished bedrooms (2 triples and the others are twins)

    All bedrooms on the 1st floor have en-suite bathrooms, with shower, washbasin and toilet. The studio apartment consists of a double bedroom, office and en-suite with bath, washbasin and toilet.

    Each room is individually styled with different colour schemes and have features such as wood panelled ceilings, wooden shutters, chandeliers and wood floors on the 1st floor.


    Only the bedroom on the ground floor is not en-suite. It has a bathroom about 8 meters away (two toilets, two basins and two showers) which can also be used by the entire group during the daytime as toilets on the ground floor.


    Single beds can be joined to create a king size bed for couples.


    Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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    Individual Financial Contribution

    Ticket £1,200.00 per person


    Early Bird Ticket £1,000.00 per person (fully paid before 1st May)


    Single room: £1,450.00 per person


    Non-refundable Deposit of £300 to reserve your place and payment of outstanding balance by 1st June

    João Tantra

    Teacher, Therapist & Tantric Practitioner

    João's journey in complementary therapy started 17 years ago and evolved along the years expanding to the realm of Tantra.


    His background in teaching, talking and complementary therapies allows him to blend different techniques tailoring them to his clients' needs.


    Tantra has been a big passion in his life since Tantra practices are very diverse and allow the connection between sexual energy and spirituality in a path of expansion towards freedom, authenticity and unconditional love towards oneself and others around.


    João is based in London where he offers workshops and private appointments. Moreover, he has taught workshops in festivals.


    Andy Butterfield

    Tantric Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu & Reiki Therapist

    Andy Butterfield has practiced tantra yoga for 14 years and taught for nearly 6. He’s also an experienced bodyworker and folds shiatsu, reiki and meditation into his teaching to help his students tap into the great intelligence, power and creativity of the body. Together, we cultivate an attitude of loving kindness, gratitude and wonder as we flow through a soulful and meaningful movement practice.
    Partner work is central in his teaching of tantra yoga for gay and bi men. It allows us to experience that with assistance, support and encouragement we can all move more easily towards the goal of self knowledge and self love. Tantra teaches us how to witness the light and beauty in another and so reveal it in ourselves.
    Andy is passionate about creating community and holding a safe, relaxed and meaningful space for gay and bi men to meet and explore intimacy, connection and joy.
    He has taught many retreats and workshops around the world and is based in London and Brighton, UK.


    The yoga will be for active beginners and improvers so you will need to be relatively fit, healthy and active.

    Andy draws on his experience with hatha vinyasa yoga to instruct in a mindful, flowing practice that is both subtle and physical.


    A typical day:

    8am yoga and meditation

    9.30am breakfast

    11.00am tantric workshop

    1.30pm lunch

    FREE TIME + sound bath & optional activities

    6-7:30 pm workshop

    8pm dinner

    This schedule may change




    A lovingly restored 18th century stone Presbytère with stunning views over orchards and vineyards towards the Dordogne River and the bastide town of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande

    A relaxed and intimate environment, space, privacy and the peace and tranquillity of the French countryside.

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    Five Spacious Guest Rooms with two single beds

    Each room has an ensuite bathroom and double doors open onto a private outdoor terrace.

    Lux bed linen and towels from The White Company are provided as well as free WiFi.   

    All rooms are cleaned to the latest Covid standards and protocols.

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    A 10 x 5 metre heated and salt treated pool that is equipped with a counter current swimming machine for those who love doing laps. 
    Electric bikes and maps of the local area for you to explore. 
    We are also on the Chemin de Compostelle route if you fancy a longer trek.
    You can relax, sing or play pool in the games room and we also have a cellar for those brave enough to venture down there. 
    There is a newly renovated yoga studio with a panoramic views of the plum orchard.  The studio has infra-red heating for hot yoga and a sprung floor for dance.  There is also an infra-red sauna, fitness bench & free weights for those who like to work out. 
    Please expect a big welcome from David, Wayne and their two Airedale Terriers!
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    Only 1 hour drive from Bordeaux and 30 minutes from Bergerac Airport



    Further details



    Participants in the retreat can arrange extra nights directly with the venue with a discount.

  • Tantric Connections 12th - 15th May (3 nights)

    Be one of 10 men Exploring, Connecting, Harnessing, Expanding, Transcending and Having Fun
    You should be comfortable being naked among other men and being touched by other men


    Arrival from 3 pm, start from 5 pm
    Departure by 1 pm
    Investment: £960

    £300 non-refundable deposit and outstanding amount by March, 2023


    A typical day includes a 2 hour exploration in the morning and another exploration before dinner.

    Free time in the afternoon and optional kundalini yoga taster live classes and hot yoga video classes in the evening.

    Every participant should take a rapid lateral flow covid test within 24 hours prior to the start of the retreat and present it upon arrival


    This event is NOT for those looking for an orgy

    contact me for further details and arrange a video call +447449552101 tantricjourney4men@gmail.com

  • Terms & Conditions

    Covid-19 - You agree to when purchasing to attend an event with me:

    If I am unable to deliver the event due to any Covid restrictions (laws about social distancing, travel or other restrictions) that I will move the event to a time when it can take place.

    If you book an event and it cannot take place due to any Covid-19 restrictions, that you agree I can transfer you to the newly arranged date, or that you can transfer to any other programme (of the same value, or pay the difference).

    I cannot offer refunds and you book an event not seeking any refund if we need to postpone the event due to Covid-19.

    My promise is that you will get the course or event you have paid for and you will not lose anything.

    Covid Protocol: provision of a lateral flow test taken within 24 hours prior to your arrival at the venue

    Please email me tantricjourney4men@gmail.com if you wish to seek any clarity around this.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you need to cancel your booked place on any "residential” or “non-residential” course or event, no refund for food, accommodation, tuition or instalments can be given. However, you are able to sell, transfer or gift your ticket to another person (pending mutual assessment of their suitability). You would be responsible for finding this person. We would require notification of this at least four weeks prior to the event. Please email me at tantricjourney4men@gmail.com to discuss circumstances.

    Any credit or credit note with me expires after 6th month (for non-residential) and 1 year (for residential) from when the initial product or service was purchased. It is your responsibility to make sure you use the credit note within the expiry period.

    Upon any cancellation, I reserve the right to try to re-sell accommodation and tickets. If I need to cancel a course or event for any reason within my reasonable control, I will give you a full refund of the amount you paid when you booked the course. If for any reason I need to cancel a course it is my aim to give you at least four weeks’ notice. Where I can I will offer you alternative dates / courses. A minimum of four participants are needed to run the retreat.

    If the delivery of a course or event that you have booked is delayed, hindered, made inadvisable, made commercially impracticable, made illegal, or made impossible to perform, by the occurrence of an unforeseeable act or event which is beyond the reasonable control of ourselves (the organisers, tutors or venue) ("Force Majeure Events"), we shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in the performance of our obligations to deliver the event. In such a case, I cannot offer you any refunds. However, at my discretion and only if commercially practicable, I might offer you to transfer to a future event. Acts or events constituting Force Majeure Events shall include (but not be limited to) Acts of God, major natural disasters, wars, major political unrest, disease and epidemics, government intervention, directives or policies, and other circumstances beyond our control.