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Reflecting on a Quality


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One way to cope with these extraordinary times of physical distancing is meditating.

How about keeping your mental abilities to the point where new powers and states become available to you?

  1. Choose one quality you want to concentrate on i.e. Love, Peace, Wisdom, Cooperation
  2. Take a sheet of paper and put a circle in the middle with your chosen quality ‘LOVE’ clearly written in it. 
  3. Reflect on that quality from 10 to 15 minutes writing down and out from the circle any words, images, ideas and so on that come to you as you think as deep as possible about that quality.
  4. At some point during the meditation you will reach the stage of believing that you have exhausted the subject, covered its every aspect. Or you will become bored and want to do something else. Or you will feel that the subject lacks the importance you thought it had and start asking yourself whether you should have chosen something else to meditate on. This is precisely the moment to keep meditating. This feeling of going up a blind alley often occurs just before achieving insight. If you go through and beyond this stage, your mind will shift onto a level at which the quality of thought is more lucid and meaningful.
  5. After you have finished our ten or fifteen minutes, you may think that the process has also finished. But it is only beginning. Your thoughts sink into the unconscious, which keeps working at them, elaborating, connecting, developing. 
  6. The reflection later blooms into some unexpected insight, a subtle alteration of behaviour, a gradual but pervasive change in attitude.

Adapted from “What we may be” by Pierro Ferrucci